skull copyCyberINK is a 16-year old, woman-owned company in the Chicago Metro Area.  We sell a variety of non-branded products such as mugs, water bottles, posters and iPhone and iPad cases and skins, with images of Skeletons in everyday life – taking a bubble bath, riding a bike, strolling home from work though the snow, swimming or walking the dog.

We can also customize products with a company name. We sell mostly to museums, chiropractic or other medical bookstores and health professionals who want to create an unusual decor in their offices.

We are primarily a B2B business. We do sell to consumers, but mostly through Shop Anatomical. If you are a consumer, please mosey over there to check out CyberINK’s products in their online store.

Businesses, please see our Skeletons Sell Sheet for details about pricing and our positive track history with museums who have a Body Worlds Exhibit.

Please also take a look at our flyer for the variety of images we can put on customized products that go beyond what we have in stock.

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