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All Skelteon posters are 18 x 24 – even though they might not all look that way. 🙂















Red shoeHR_SM






















Our mugs and water bottles each come in two designs.

OfficeMugCpd   11-mug1cpdOur Skeleton Meeting Office mugs are great for coffee, tea, hot chocolate or just water. Chose which skeleton you would like to be in the meeting.


SkullMugLSkullMugOur Green Skull or Skull Brain mugs can start a great conversation – who knew the jaw looked like that? All those wrinkles in my brain? Those little neck bones hold up our heads?  Scary!!!


07_MousePad2Not just for mice anymore. You can re-purpose this mouse pad for a coaster, to show off a vase, or to just have around as a quirky piece of art. One sound studio in Chicago is using them as a eye-catching  floor covering.